For all exports, only Approved Islamic Organisations can certify Halal meat and meat products. The certification is also backed by Australian Government assurances that the product has been produced in accordance with Islamic Sharia standards.


All Australian Halal red meat and offal for export is identified with the Official Halal Mark, in the form of a stamp on the meat, tag attached to the carcase or label on the carton, which is securely controlled and applied by the Australian Government. This mark is only placed on product produced under the Approved Arrangement and when all Halal requirements have been met.

The Official Halal Mark enables an export registered establishment preparing Halal meat and meat products to be identified through the inclusion of the establishment’s registration number in the mark.

Where Halal meat and offal is moved from the slaughter establishment to another export approved establishment, such as a boning room or cold store, the Halal status of the product must be included on an official Meat Transfer Certificate. This certificate attests to the Halal status of the product and provides traceability form the slaughter establishment to the other Halal approved registered export establishment.

Halal slaughtered meat packed for export receives an official Halal meat certificate, signed by both the Australian Government authorised officer and a representative of an Approved Islamic Organisation. The department signature on the official Halal red meat certificate attests that the regulatory requirements have been fulfilled and that the Halal product has been correctly identified and segregated to ensure its integrity. The signature from the Approved Islamic Organisation certifies that the Halal product has been produced in compliance with the correct religious requirements. Currently the official Halal certificate may be produced either manually or electronically using Australia’s secure export documentation system (EXDOC).


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