Australia’s favourable animal health status, combined with the controls that are applied to the production of Halal meat and meat products by both the Australian government department and the Approved Islamic Organisation, ensure that high food safety standards and Halal integrity are maintained.

The rigorous systems ensure that all Halal meat and meat products produced are wholesome and suitable in every way for consumption. When you buy Australian Beef and Lamb, you can be confident you are getting clean, safe and 100% guaranteed Halal meat.


All Australian meat processing operations exporting to the Middle East must have a registered Australian Government Authorised Halal Program (AGAHP) – this is a collaborative program between Islamic Societies and the Australian government. The integrity of the program is supported by Australian law.

The production for export of halal red meat and offal within Australia requires that all establishments meet a baseline production standard in accordance with the Australian Standard for the Production and Transportation of Meat and Meat Products for Human Consumption.

Export registered Halal approved meat establishments are further required to comply with the Export Control Act 1982 and its subordinate legislation, including the Export Control (Meat and Meat Products) Ordered 2005 and relevant meat notices.


Facilities must be inspected and accepted as suitable for Halal slaughter and/or production. All inspections are carried out by recognised Islamic organisations and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR). DAWR is an official Australian government department.

In addition, to be eligible to produce Halal product, Australian export meat establishments must have in place the necessary Approved Arrangement approved by the Department of Agriculture to identify and maintain the integrity and segregation of halal meat and offal during all stages of production, storage and transport.  These systems are audited regularly by the meat establishment’s Approved Islamic Organisation, internal Quality Assurance systems, the department and importing countries.

Australian Halal approved export red meat establishments must appoint an Approved Islamic Organisation to oversee their Halal meat and offal production.  Islamic Organisations wishing to provide Halal services to the Australian red meat export industry must have an Approved Arrangement with the department in accordance with the Export Control Orders.  These orders details the requirements that the Islamic Organisation must comply with including management, auditing of establishments, training and supervision of Muslim slaughtermen and maintenance of records.  The department conducts audits of Approved Islamic Organisations on a regular basis.

The system described above, underpinned by the government legislation and including the joint supervision and certification by both the department and the Approved Islamic Organisations, ensures the integrity of all Halal meat and offal exported from Australia.  The whole Australian Halal system for red meat is underpinned by legislation.


Processors must only employ registered Muslim slaughtermen. These Muslim slaughtermen must carry an official permit with photo ID, which is to be renewed annually.

Each Approved Islamic Organisation Islamic organisation must have a system in place to ensure that each registered slaughterman is considered acceptable (on religious grounds) to be employed as a registered slaughterman, involves developing a code of conduct outlining the religious roles, duties and observances expected of a practicing Muslim, and a regular review of each slaughterman. All registered slaugtermen should:

1. Be a Muslim considered to be competent by the Approved Islamic Organisation
2. Comply with their religious slaughter training
3. Comply with personal hygiene, operational sanitation and animal welfare requirements as detailed in the Approved Arrangement.
4. Identify carcasses that are considered non-halal in accordance with Approved Arrangement


Halal slaughter men must use a sharp knife and carry out the slaughter in accordance with Islamic Shari'ah.

Australia does not compromise its strict animal welfare codes of practice and it follows that all animals in Australia are slaughtered strictly according to these animal welfare codes.

The Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS) is in place to guide the integrity of welfare practices and to ensure animals are humanely treated.


For all exports, only recognised Islamic organisations can certify Halal meat and meat products. The certification is also back by Australian government assurance that the product has be produced in accordance with Islamic Shari'aa standards.

All Australian Halal red meat and offal for export is identified with the Official Halal Mark.  This mark is only placed on product produced under the Approved Arrangement with meets all the requirements for Halal product, and is applied using security controlled official government stamps.

The Halal Mark